Many people choose to retrain 而且 change career at different points in their lives or enhance their career prospects in their current role. 世界杯压球APP所有的学术设施都有成熟学生的代表. 如果你对再培训有任何顾虑世界杯压球APP会帮你的.



For our undergraduate courses, most of our mature student applicants apply to us through the UCAS的网站. 请浏览世界杯压球APP的网页 应用程序会发生什么 以了解整个过程的概况. 您可以在一个UCAS申请中申请最多5门课程.

You apply 直接ly to the 世界杯压球APP for all taught postgraduate 而且 Postgraduate Certificate programmes 和re is more information available on our dedicated 研究生申请网页.



When making an application through UCAS you will be asked to supply certain supporting statements including your education history, 一个个人声明, 和一个参考.


  • Our course specific web pages have details of the UCAS points 而且 qualifications required for each course. 你可以使用世界杯压球APP的 课程搜索 找一门与你兴趣相关的课程.
  • 在世界杯压球APP, we underst而且 that life experience can be an invaluable asset to your study so if you are unsure as to whether you meet certain requirements you can email the Admissions Tutor for your chosen course to discuss your options.



的 personal statement is a piece of academic writing of around 650 words in length. Your personal statement is an opportunity to show off your suitability for your chosen courses. 你只能在UCAS申请中包含一份个人陈述, 它将用于你申请的所有课程.

Your personal statement should contain information on relevant academic study, 包括更广泛的阅读, 还有你对你想攻读的学位的洞察力.

作为一个成熟的学生, you can use your personal statement to mention any alternative entry requirements you’ve used in your application 而且 demonstrate your existing skills, 你为什么对这门课感兴趣, 以及相关的实际生活或工作经验.

在网上有很多世界杯压球APP写个人陈述的信息 UCAS的网站 包括一个 个人陈述的工具 来帮助这个过程.


作为申请过程的一部分,你将被要求提供一份推荐信. 如果你目前正在接受教育, it is likely that a Course Leader or Head Teacher will provide a reference for you. 如果你是独立申请, 然后一个雇主, 志愿监督员或培训师可以为你写推荐信. 重要的是不要使用朋友或家庭成员作为你的参考.

作为UCAS申请的一部分,你需要提供推荐人的详细信息. UCAS will email your referee 直接ly with a link 而且 password to the reference page 而且 ask them to confirm their identity before submitting a reference. It is a good idea to give your referee plenty of time to submit their reference for you. Details of what the reference should contain 和 process are available on the UCAS的网站.




作为一个成熟的学生, 你可以获得世界杯压球APP所有人的支持, 指导和课外活动. 世界杯压球APP的所有支持查询的主要联系点是世界杯压球APPfirstpoint桌子.


的 firstpoint team are located on the ground floor of the Peirson 研究 而且 Guidance Centre, 在圣约翰大学校园里. 的y are able to signpost you to different student welfare teams as well as offer advice on University procedures. 开放时间请参阅世界杯压球APPfirstpoint网页. Firstpoint可以帮助您:

  • 职业生涯 & 就业服务
  • 牧师服务
  • 投诉
  • 咨询 & 心理健康
  • 残疾 & 阅读障碍服务
  • 充分利用大学时光
  • 钱的建议
  • 学生支持 & 幸福
  • 学习技巧
  • Unitots托儿所 



All undergraduate students are provided with an appointed 个人学术导师 (PAT). Your 个人学术导师 is usually a member of academic staff that teaches on your course 和y remain with you throughout time at university. 的y are here to offer academic guidance 而且 advice where necessary 而且 help to ease your transition into higher education.

You are normally advised to meet your 个人学术导师 within the first couple of weeks of your course, 作为你归纳法的一部分. 你可以期待在第一年至少四次预定会议, 无论是作为一个辅导小组,还是以个人为基础. 你可以浏览世界杯压球APP个人学术导师 网页.


世界杯压球APP has ‘Unitots,’ an excellent Ofsted-registered nursery on campus. 它为3个月至5岁的儿童提供照顾和教育. For more information on the nursery, 而且 to make an application, you can visit our Unitots网页.

学生 with children may be entitled to Child Tax Credit, a 照顾孩子 Grant 而且 Housing Benefit. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.直接.政府.uk

世界杯压球APP郡早期帮助中心 provides free 而且 impartial advice to families with children aged 0 to 19 years of age. 您可以致电01905 822666或发电子邮件与他们联系 earlyhelphub@worcestershire.政府.uk 


如果你关心一个成年的家庭成员或朋友, 你可以向当地的社会服务部门咨询. 根据法例,他们须进行“照顾者评估”, 它把你作为一个照顾者的需求考虑在内, 以及你关心的人的需求.

If your needs change as a result of becoming a student (full-time or part-time), 他们会考虑到这一点. Services such as respite care (a break from caring, for example around exam times) may be possible.

成熟学生、父母和照顾者网络, run by the 学生’ Union can also offer support 而且 advice for students who are studying with increased responsibilities.


学生会是一个独立的慈善机构, 致力于全体学生的教育利益和福祉.

的 SU offers representation 而且 advice to students as well as opportunities to volunteer, 参加俱乐部和社团, 成为一个课程代表和访问 成熟学生、父母和照顾者网络. 你可以在网上找到更多世界杯压球APP学生会的信息 苏的网站.


乍一看,资助你的学业似乎很复杂, 但是世界杯压球APP已经收集了一些信息来帮助世界杯压球APP把事情弄清楚.

世界杯压球APP的学位是对你未来的巨大投资. It’s important to take the time to find out about the cost of living 而且 studying here, 所以你知道会发生什么. 的re is plenty of help available 而且 changes to the student loan system means that part-time students can more easily access funds.



对于大多数学生, there are 政府ernment loans available to pay your fees 而且 to help with your living costs, which are repayable once you have graduated 而且 are earning over a minimum amount. 你还需要考虑其他费用,比如生活费用, 住宿费及学习资料.

大学还提供有限的 获取学习基金 而且 奖学金 基于特定的标准.

想了解更多世界杯压球APP大学财务的信息,请访问世界杯压球APP的 找出财务状况 section.

您也可以联系 钱的建议 团队通过 firstpoint@worc.ac.uk


从2020年9月开始攻读护理理学学士学位的学生, 助产学二元同步通信, 理疗二元同步通信, Occupational 的rapy BSc 而且 Paramedic Science BSc will receive a non-repayable 而且 non-means-tested payment of at least £5,每年000, 除了现有的主流学生支持.

这笔资金由政府提供. 学生 are advised to check the latest information from the 政府ernment to confirm their eligibility. 有关此计划的进一步详情,请参阅世界杯压球APP的 对医疗专业学生的财政支持 网页.



Finding the right student accommodation is  an important part of your university experience. 有几种选择可供世界杯压球APP选择 住宿的团队学生会 能够提供帮助和建议吗.



Many students choose to live at home while they study in order to save money, 或者和家人在一起. Some mature students do choose to live in university accommodation 和 世界杯压球APP has a great variety of halls, 包括专门指定的研究生宿舍.

这所大学保证为所有的新人提供住宿, 一年级本科生, 前提是他们在UCAS截止日期前确定接受录取. 欲了解更多信息,请访问世界杯压球APP的 住宿的页面.


如果你是一个成熟的学生,希望生活在 私人住宿,住宿办公室可以帮助你的信息和建议. 该大学位于宜人而友好的世界杯压球APP郊区, 离市中心不远, 有很多私人选择.