教授理查德·伍利 is a Professor of Education 和 Inclusion at the 世界杯压球APP, 和 Deputy Head of its 学校的教育. 理查德的专业和研究兴趣包括包容性, 多样性与平等, 包括儿童的个人和社会发展, 初等教育的价值与问题, 宗教教育和特殊教育需要提供. In this post he discusses the challenge of answering difficult questions from children.

During school holidays some families will spend much more time with each other than usual, 和 whilst this might lead to some special times together it may also lead to discussions which feature difficult questions. 


Children may use holidays as an opportunity to ask some of the difficult questions that have previous been on their minds 和 that perhaps they have not had the chance to share before. Parents 和 护理人员 might be concerned about this for various reasons including wondering whether questions are appropriate to the age of the child or their stage of development, 想知道一个合适的答案是什么, 或者因为问题本身而感到尴尬.

一个小孩正在用望远镜看东西. 他被短信包围,说什么? 为什么? 谁?

重要的是,无论世界杯压球APP中的哪一个都要面对一个孩子提出的难题, 世界杯压球APP不需要觉得世界杯压球APP有所有的答案. 事实上,世界杯压球APP没有!

用孩子的问题作为一种共同发现的方式, asking them some further questions to see what their own views 和 underst和ing are, or valuing their question 和 saying you’d like some time to think about it 和 will discuss it later are all ways of treating their question in a positive way without feeling unduly pressured.

Of course adult prompts can help children to consider their ideas 和 views, “How do you feel about…?“你知道什么……”?和“你有没有想过……”?可以用来测试孩子对某个问题的了解程度, 没有分享他们可能还没有准备好的内容.


My research with trainee primary school teachers in the final year of their courses suggests that they have apprehensions about facing some controversial or sensitive issues with children.

When asked which three issues they anticipated finding most difficult to address in school 91% identified one or more issues relating to relationships, 与两性关系和性教育(性取向)有关, 成长的过程中, 青春期, 家庭多元化或恐同), 57.5% identified one or more issues relating to anti-racist 和 multicultural education (including British Values, 社区或社会凝聚力, terrorism 和 the Prevent agenda) 和 33% identified bereavement as an area of concern.

所有确定的区域都与世界杯压球APP如何与他人互动有关, 世界杯压球APP如何理解彼此的差异,如何应对变化. 在教育或托儿机构工作的人, 护理人员, parents 和 other may wish to consider how these apprehensions compare with their own.


One way of exploring such issues is through the use of children’s picture books. This can provide a means of discussing sensitive topics with children without needing to speak directly about issues personal to them or their family. This distancing technique helps to explore matters “one step removed” looking at the experience of others 和 questioning how they might feel or what decisions they might make.

Examples of high quality picture books can be found in three resource packs developed by Janice Morris, 主教格罗斯泰斯大学教学资源收藏馆员, 和我自己. Each resource pack is freely available to download 和 provides a description 和 evaluation of each book, 用索引将它们按主题或主题分组.

家庭多元化阅读资源 (2nd edition) can be downloaded via this link 和 includes over 150 high quality picture books suitable for children across the primary phase of education. 这些书包括有一个或两个父母的家庭, 护理人员, 因离婚而分居的家庭, 丧亲之痛或距离, 生活在公共照顾和收养家庭中的儿童, 举几个例子.



This book outlines different kinds of family using bold 和 bright illustrations 和 short sentences. It considers “what all families do” as well as considering the difference between families. 它肯定了所有家庭在不同方面都是特别的.

如果我有一百个木乃伊-凡达卡特,只有女性出版社- 2006年

这本书探讨了拥有一百个妈妈的快乐和噩梦. 会有一百个睡前故事和一百个拥抱, 还有一百个人提醒你要整理你的房间! It ends with the reflection that a hundred mummies are not needed, just “the two I’ve got.“当然,有两个妈妈的原因有很多, 包括一个孩子和一个养母, 一方再婚, 或者妈妈有一个女性伴侣. 的 book works very well when read aloud as the rhyme makes it appealing to the ear. 这些插图充满活力,引人注目.


这是一本老少皆宜的绘本. It is really two books that show family life in Morocco 和 Australia respectively. Both stories can be explored in parallel by folding out the pages opposite each other. 在没有文字的情况下,有大量的讨论和推断从图片. 孩子们可能希望反思他们的家庭和家庭有什么相似之处, 和不同的, 那些照片.

Rosie Revere, Engineer - Andrea Beaty 和 David Roberts, Abrams Books for Young Readers - 2013

This book introduces Rosie, who is inspired by all the “junk” she finds around her. 她总是用她的想象力去创造,去设计,去制造. Rosie has positive role models from other generations within her family who have challenged traditional gender stereotypes. Her aunt teaches her that failure is a part of the learning process 和 a platform on which to build future success. 同样,这是一个押韵的故事,当大声朗读时效果很好. 详细的插图很值得仔细探究.


If you are facing interesting 和 challenging questions from children at this time you could look to:

  • Offers of help/advice being made by teachers online, for example via Facebook
  • Mumsnet.,其中包括讨论页面和分享建议的机会
  • Winstonswish.Org,该组织为面临丧亲之痛的儿童提供建议和支持
  • Youngminds.org.英国,支持儿童的心理健康和福祉

有更多的绘本可供选择 残疾的阅读资源 which includes a range of stories that include people with a variety of disabilities 和 where the focus is on the story rather than the disability. 的 阅读资源的转换  includes a wide variety of changes that children may experience 和 which may cause them questions, 例如,家庭结构的变化, 搬家或转学, 丧亲之痛带来的变化, 改变朋友,甚至改变主意. Some of these books may be useful in supporting children in these times of change 和 challenge. 这三个合集中的许多书都可以在 蜂巢, 世界杯压球APP联合大学和公共图书馆, 所有这些都可以通过书店和网上零售商轻易买到.

教授理查德·伍利 is a Professor of Education 和 Inclusion at the 世界杯压球APP, 和 Deputy Head of its 学校的教育. 的 学校的教育 offers many Undergraduate 和 研究生课程 including 小学初级教师教育(含优质教育服务)荣誉学士学位 和 二次  PGCE课程.

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