The 三县医学院 serves the region where most of the University’s student population live: Worcestershire, 赫里福郡和格洛斯特郡, 以及周边地区.

这是大学之间真正的伙伴关系, 在该地区的NHS信托和临床调试小组(CCGs). The creation of the new medical school enhances the reputation both of the University 而且 the regional hospitals 而且 health sector that play a critically important role in its success. It also aims to make a significant contribution to the quality improvement programme of the regional health service.




该基金会经营着亚历山德拉医院(Redditch), 基德明斯特医院和治疗中心, 世界杯压球APP郡皇家医院. In 2015, in partnership with University Hospitals Coventry 而且 Warwickshire NHS Trust, 耗资2500万英镑建立了最先进的肿瘤中心, 在世界杯压球APP郡皇家医院工作, 提供局部放射治疗服务给1,以前每年有500名病人不得不去外地接受治疗. The Trust performs about 95,000 planned 而且 emergency operations each year, with 140,000 A&约有50万名门诊病人预约就诊.

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该信托在各种环境中提供广泛的服务, 包括在人们的家里, 照顾家庭, 学校, community centres 而且 in-patient facilities such as seven community hospitals 而且 recovery wards. 成立于2011年, 该基金会是社区护理的主要提供者, 治疗和心理健康服务. 2020年4月, it also took over the delivery of 心理健康和学习障碍服务 in Herefordshire. 该信托基金在两县共有约5000名员工. In 2017 it was named as a Global Digital Exemplar for 心理健康 in the Next Steps on the NHS report, produced by NHS Engl而且 as part of the implementation of the Five Year Forward View. It has been given up to £5 million of national funding to develop new digital systems to 支持 mental health patients.



格洛斯特郡医院NHS基金会信托 is the largest employer in the county, 超过8,000名员工, 是英国最大的NHS信托基金之一. It provides a wide range of specialist acute services -including a regional cancer centre - from its two large general hospitals, 格洛斯特郡皇家医院和切尔滕纳姆综合医院, 以及斯特劳德妇产医院的产科服务. Its specialist clinicians also see patients in the county’s community hospitals including Stroud, 伯克利淡水河谷, 迪恩森林, 图克斯伯里, 北科茨沃尔德和赛伦塞斯特. The Trust has developed ground-breaking services such as its Mobile Chemotherapy Services, 而且 also provides a national lead in Diabetic Retinal Screening 而且 AAA Screening Services.



格洛斯特郡国民保健服务基金会信托 was formed in October 2019 from the merger of 2gether NHS Foundation Trust 而且 Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust to provide joined up physical health, 心理健康和学习障碍服务. It is in the early stages of establishing a new community hospital in the 迪恩森林. 该信托公司雇佣了5名以上员工,800 members of staff 而且 works in partnership with a wide range of commissioners, collaborators 而且 colleagues across the health 而且 social care community. 它提供了评估, 支持, 世界杯压球APP一系列心理健康的治疗和建议, 身体健康和学习障碍状况. These services are provided both in the community – in people’s homes 而且 other settings – 而且 in hospitals 而且 inpatient units. 专家服务包括聊天健康, which enables young people to obtain confidential health 而且 wellbeing advice from the school nursing team via text message, 大家一起说, an Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) service 而且 Hope House, 格洛斯特郡的性侵犯转诊中心.

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Wye Valley NHS信托

成立于2011年, Wye Valley NHS信托 is the provider of healthcare services at Hereford County Hospital, 总部设在赫里福德市, along with a number of community services for Herefordshire 而且 its borders. It also provides healthcare services at community hospitals in the market towns of Ross-on-Wye, Leominster和Bromyard. The 3,000-strong workforce provides a range of specialist 而且 generalist functions.

2019/20年度营业额超过2.3亿英镑, 服务于180人,000, the Trust is one of the smallest rural District General Hospitals in Engl而且. 该信托是“基金会”的成员之一。, created in 2017 in partnership with South Warwickshire NHS 而且 George Eliot Hospitals NHS Trust (GEH). The three organisations face similar challenges 而且 the group provides a wider platform to share strategic thinking, 最佳实践和改善整个系统的患者路径. A ward replacement project is underway at the Hereford County Hospital site, which will provide a new 72-bed ward block to replace the last of the two 1940s hutted wards, 计划于2021年开业.

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NHS Herefordshire 而且 Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group was established in April 2020 following a merger of NHS Herefordshire CCG, NHS Redditch和Bromsgrove CCG, NHS南世界杯压球APP郡CCG和NHS怀尔森林CCG. It has 83 GP practices 而且 is responsible for buying health services for 800,赫里福德郡和世界杯压球APP郡共有888人. £1.19 billion budget, the group plans 而且 commissions hospital, community 而且 mental health services. It also monitors the quality of the services provided 而且 works with local partners with the aim of providing preventative 而且 anticipatory care 而且 seamless pathways across organisational boundaries.

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All 74 GP practices in Gloucestershire are members of the NHS格洛斯特郡在20, 哪些委托NHS服务来满足当地人的需求. 服务包括紧急护理, 可以提前计划的手术或治疗, 社区服务和精神健康服务. 以及调试服务, 县和地方的CCG临床医生和管理人员将重点放在规划上, 预防及自我照顾, 加入了服务, community 支持 而且 the provision of information across health 而且 social care. CCG还在开发医院护理的替代方案, 包括更多的保健, 在家里和当地社区接受治疗和支持.